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Why Have Security?

Think of security as health insurance for your business or event. There is a price, but when you need it you’re thankful you have it. Plus, when something happens, the result can be costly. At Hedge of Protection, we strive to de-escalate situations before they turn into dangerous incidents.

We're Experts in De-escalation

A seemingly minor situation can quickly turn dangerous if it’s not handled properly. Hedge of Protection security guards are trained and skilled at de-escalation techniques.

Event Services

We’ll keep your event safe and de-escalate any potentially dangerous situation.

Incident Report Writing

We provide incident and accident reports for insurance and liability purposes.

Training Services

Currently offering Alabama Security Regulatory Board (ASRB) Security Officer Training Level 1. 

Why Choose Hedge of Protection?


More than 14 years military experience and an experienced correctional officer.

Degrees in criminal justice and psychology, with emphasis on
non-verbal communication.
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